Richard McElhiney Architects LLC

U.S. General Services Administration
Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Bldg.

Newark NJ

This project consists of a new façade and interior renovations for the 16 story, 495,000gsf Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Building in Newark, NJ. Interior renovations include restacking of 9 floors for 9 federal agencies in order to optimize functional adjacencies, to satisfy agency space requirements, to conform with facility standards and to maximize efficiency. Richard McElhiney Architects is responsible for the renovation of 4 floors for the US Attorney of the District of New Jersey totaling 107,000 sf. Other work includes a new blast resistant curtain wall façade, hazardous materials removal, and modernization of the building’s core & shell. The project will seek LEED Silver Certification. The project’s construction will be phased to permit continuous occupancy throughout the modernization.

Design Excellence Award in Engineering,
GSA, 2010